Aspire. Create. Grow.

group-2Do you have a half-finished novel in your desk drawer?  Do your poems need new metaphors?  Would you like to pass on a memoir to your family?, Or want feedback on a nonfiction piece before sending it to a publisher?

The Barrington Writers Workshop may be for you!

BWW gives you access to people and information you need to improve your writing. Increase your chances for publication or enjoy polishing your piece for personal satisfaction.

Enhance Your Writing Skills

At weekly meetings, authors read their work and receive oral and written critiques. This helps you see where your piece might need some help – and where it shines!

Connect with Other Writers

group-1Writing can be a lonely occupation, so it helps to have the company and support of others who share your goals. Many of our members are published and can offer advice and guidance during your writing journey. Whether published or not, we all share a dedication to the craft of writing with a desire to continue to improve.

Writers of all genres are welcome – fiction (children’s, YA, and adult), nonfiction, memoir, poetry, screenplays and plays.

Learn from Guest Authors and Industry Experts

BWW author books on display

BWW author books on display

Several times a year, the BWW sponsors guest speakers who hold writing workshops and talk about all aspects of the writing process – from how to create unforgettable characters, to which publishing avenue (traditional or print-on-demand) best fits your needs. These workshops are free to BWW members. Often, we are able to submit works for critique by the presenter.


The 2017 calendar year is BWW’S 40th year as a writer’s workshop. The workshop has a long, continuous history of helping writers improve their skills and creativity.